Thursday, October 30, 2008

Coffee Enhances Memory? It's a Good Thing!

Supposedly, drinking coffee has several benefits, one being that it enhances our memory. Well, it's a good thing because I would hate to see what I would be like if I didn't drink coffee! I have been drinking coffee for about 15 years. It all started with a visit to a friend's house in Charleston, S.C. My friend was married to a professional chef and they would grind fresh coffee beans in the morning for their coffee. The smell of the coffee brewing was fabulous. After trying Hazelnut and Vanilla Nut, I was hooked. Of course, I used half coffee, half milk an a little sugar at first, but now I have advanced to drinking in the big leagues and drink only black coffee. I have a coffe bean grinder and a french press but mainly make coffee using Folgers flavored coffee due to always being in a hurry. Since I can't remember where I have parked my car, can't remember the name of movies I have just watched or the names of books I have read, I would probably not be able to remember where I live if it weren't for drinking coffee. I never go to work without a cup of coffee in my hand. I also have coffee stains on lots of my clothes. But I think I'm in good company becasued 82 % of Americans drink coffee and 44 billion cups of coffee are consumed each year worldwide. Since coffee is supposed to increase productivity and ability to focus, I think that could be the reason I feel the need to do three things at once. The sad thing is that I probablyl don't remember what those three things were!


A said...

My mom always said that if you forget where you leave your keys, you're ok. If you forget what your keys are for, you're in trouble. :)

Katie said...

Haha! The best was the time you got halfway through a book and then decided that you had already read it. hahaha! I made coffee with my french press this morning. It was awesome!