Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ENS: Mystery Ailment That Causes Strange Behavior

ENS is a common and not often talked about ailment that occurs mostly in women in their forties and fifties. This ailment can cause unusual and bizarre behavior that is only understood by other women with ENS. ENS or Empty Nest Syndrome, can manifest itself in a wide variety of behaviors. I self-diagnosed myself with ENS when I realized that I was out of control and making irrational decisions. This behavior resulted in the adoption of Clarke, the very old teacup poodle discussed in an earlier blog entry. See picture.

Both of my daughters speculated that I might possibly have a breakdown after little brother, Matt, left for college and the possibility that Prissy, the 14 year-old schnauzer, might die. So, with this train of thought, it might be reasonable to consider adopting a puppy that would be the "transition dog," instead I ended up with a dog that the vet says is older than Prissy. Clarke is pretty much blind, deaf and has no teeth and is too old to be house trained. The perfect pet!

I am actually very fond of Clarke. He has gained weight, looks healty and really looks like a poodle now except for the fact that is tongue hangs out of his mouth. He is obsessed with me, I suppose because I rescued him from a previous terrible life. However, it's hard to justify his adoption as a rational decision. Just ask my husband!

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Penny said...

LUV HIM! I found bloghopped over from Deb's from Hummingbird Farms. Come visit sometime.