Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trig Palen

Trig Palen has caused quite a stir on the campaign trail. Trig, Sarah Palen's baby boy, has Down's Syndrome and his presence in the media has brought much needed attention to the population with special needs. Families with special needs children have been turning out to support Sarah Palin in droves. A precious young lady with Down's Syndrome was in the news because she was elected as her high school's Homecoming Queen. Familes that have children with special needs often feel as if they are invisible to the public and their needs often ignored. Many times they are viewed as being less important and Trig is helping to change this image. These families need our support and we need full funding to be able to implement No Child Left Behind in our school systems. In my experience working with families with special needs children, I have found that these children teach us more than we teach them. They teach us about unconditional love, patience and about the real priorities in life. Perhaps we all need to be paying more attention to these children and their families. I vote for Trig!

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