Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bringing the Outdoors In

October, being one of my favorite months, is a great time to bring the outdoors in for decorating. I love using pumpkins, gourds and Mums around the house. The Hydrangea blooms are also at a peak time for drying. Having several Hydrangea bushes in the yard, I have been cutting off long stemmed blooms and putting them into a large bucket of water. The blooms will usually dry to a nice papery texture, just perfect for using in arrangements, as the water evaporates. This method has worked best for me in trying to dry Hydrangeas. I dried some ginormous white Hydrangea's for Katie that I salvaged from one her wedding centerpieces. Small pumpkins work great as candle holders when the top is hollowed out enough for a 3x3 votive. The top can be cut off and the pumpkins hollowed out for holding Mums or Pansies. Grapevine also is an inexpensive item that works great for decorating. The grapevine can be used on the mantel, wrapped around candles or draped over doorways. Hobby Lobby is a good source for buying long grapevines. Gourds can be used in the same way as pumpkins with the top hollowed out for candles or flowers. Fall is here and let the decorating begin!

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