Monday, October 20, 2008

Cool Things To Know About

One thing I have learned as I get older is that the more I learn, the more I realize how many things I don't know about. I feel like I'm in a race to pack in as much new information as possible since my pea sized brain will soon not be able to hold new information. I love making new discoveries about things that make life easier and more enjoyable and wanted to include some websites that are pretty cool:

Yahoo! Answers: Gets answers and advice on almost any subject

TripKick: Tells which floors and rooms in over 250 hotels should be avoided Simplifies online invitations and RSVPs

Geni: Geneology website that provides tools for diagramming your family tree

NexTag: Comparative shopping site with product reviews

Omiru:Style for All: Style and shopping guide and fashion trends

http://ThriftyChick: Secrets to savvy shopping & online coupons for name brand stores discounts Tons of tips and checklist on organzing virtually everything Tips on cleaning and do-it-yourself projects

http://StumbleUpon: Tons of links to a huge variety of websites

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