Sunday, November 2, 2008

Six Inch Heels? What Are We Thinking?

Seriously, do you think men would walk one mile to a football stadium wearing six inch heels and then another half mile to get to the upper deck? I don't think so. We were in Tuscaloosa over the weekend for Alabama's Homecoming game and I have never seen so many girls wearing heels that were at least six inches high. I admit that I do like to wear heels but three inch heels are enough for me. After wearing boots with three inch, spiked heels with pointed toes all day, I really should have my head examined. There's absolutely nothing at all that could be considered comfortable about wearing shoes like that. But, we wear them because they look good. What are we thinking? After wearing these heels with pointed toes all day, I can barely walk for the next six hours after taking them off. It's not easy cramming a short, chubby foot into shoes with long pointed toes. Plus, walking on spiked heels while having your toes squeezed in a vice and trying to walk around like you're not suffering, is just ridiculous. There have been times when I really thought my feet were on fire but I didn't dare act like I noticed! I just kept on walking until I reached my car and then started screaming while pulling off the tortuous shoes.
How did it happen that women started wearing shoes like this and men never did? It kind of makes me wonder about our intelligence. Men's fashion's have pretty much stayed the same. They have been wearing khaki pants, a golf shirt and comfotable shoes for as long as I've been alive. Women's hemlines change fourteen times in one year, along with the necklines, sleeve lengths, fullness, fabrics, colors, patterns and collars. About the time I have figured out what is "in" and finally get around to buying some cool, new "in"things, I find out they are now "out." Girls will wear tiny, little strappy dresses with six inch heels when it's 30 degrees outside, and walk five miles to a football game without ever complaining. But don't ask us to tell you what the score was or who was playing because the whole purpose of going to the game is to be seen in a cute, trendy little outfit while pretending to not be in excruciating pain. I hope the guys appreciate the sacrifice!

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