Saturday, October 4, 2008

Showing My Age

Well, I decided to start a blog with the help of my oldest daughter, Katie. She has recently started a blog with encouragement from one of her best friends as a way for them to stay in touch. Katie is in town to be in the wedding of another friend so we had the opportunity to spend some time together. I realized as I tried to set up my blog that I had become the child and Katie had become the parent in this situation. It is quite obvious that blogging is not something that I have grown up with and that I needed a very patient teacher to get me started. Katie explained the steps of adding a cute background and it sounded pretty easy until after about two hours of trying to add a cute backgound I only ended up adding a cute screensaver and nothing on my blog! Finally, Katie took over and got me straightened out and when I selected my background we realized that it was the exact same background that Katie had on her blog! We are still connected!

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