Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Old Days

It seems that the older I get the more I appreciate the great stories told by my relatives. The stories range from walking to school in the snow, barefooted, uphill both ways to dating on a mule, to getting up at 4:00 AM to milk the cows and collect the eggs before going to school. I used to not really care to hear all of this, thinking that it was boring. Of course, I was probably a teenager at the time and was very easily bored with just about anything having to do with the "old days." But now I love to hear these stories and have a new respect for the lives of my relatives. They talk about life without TV and cars, indoor plumbing, and having to work in the fields, since most of their food came from their gardens. I guess we can tell our grandchildren about our early lives without microwaves, VCR's, DVD's, IPods, Wireless Internet, and cell phones. I'm sure this will be very boring to them and they will find it hard to believe that we grew up so deprived. But that's the way it was in the "old days."


A said...

Like having to get up to change the channel, oh and there are only five. :)
My mom laughs about the time I was 5 and the dishwasher was broken and I said, fully serious, "How are we going to eat if we can't wash dishes?"
I can tell you who got dish-washing duty that night!

Lisa said...

That's great! My mom called my dad to come help her unlock her car because the remote didn't work and she hadn't even tried using the key!