Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tagged: Five of My Addictions

Haley Morgan has tagged me to list five of my addictions. I have so many that it's going to be hard to choose just five!

1. My children are my number one addiction! I have to admit that I think my kids are great. I am very proud of them and can't spend enough time with them. This inlcudes Ben, my great new son-in-law!

2. My pets are my number two addiction. Prissy the elderly Schnauzer, Bob the big cat, Nate the new baby and Henry, my granddog! They are lots of fun and are great entertainment.

3. Coffee and chocolate (yes, they do go together ) are my number three addiction. I really love to have several cups of French Vanilla or Hazelnut coffee in the mornings and I have to have something chocolate to go with it.

4. Self-help books, articles, websites, blogs,etc. are my number four addiction. It's a little crazy but I love to read about organizing, health, beauty, leadership, simplifying, stress reduction, decorating, etc. I actually just put a book together for Katie and Cara that is full of lots of this stuff! Self-help junkie!

5. Cooking, reading and collecting recipes is my number five addiction. I read cookbooks for a hobby! I have tons of cookbooks and recipes all over the house and even in my car! I am putting together a family cookbook right now!